The Open Source Q&A Assistant Powered by ChatGPT: Check Out the New Feature OSS-GPT of Hypercrx!


OSS-GPT in your repository

Recently, OpenAI released its latest GPT-4 model. As a research team that has been exploring innovation in the open source field for a long time, X-lab is also thinking about application scenarios based on ChatGPT that can learn from open source project documentation and can be used as a Q&A bot for an open source project.

Such kinds of projects have also appeared in the open source world. Some are based on document vectorization and retrieval as prompts input to ChatGPT for chat, such as DocsGPT,, etc. Some try to train their own exclusive models, such as the method introduced in Frank’s blog “How to Build Your Exclusive Knowledge Q&A Robot with ChatGPT”.

After multiple attempts, X-lab members feel that the effect of DocsGPT is excellent. Thus, we integrated DocsGPT’s capabilities into our browser extension project - Hypercrx. After installing the plugin, users only need to open the corresponding GitHub repository homepage to experience the ChatGPT Q&A capability for the current project immediately.

Here are some demonstrations:

Currently, we support the Q&A feature for below projects:

How to join OSS-GPT

If your project also wants to have such an out-of-the-box chatbot for community Q&A based on ChatGPT, welcome to submit an application in the corresponding Issue of Hypercrx’s open source repository. All you need is to forward this article, and we will provide exclusive training for your project documentation within 24 hours, enabling ChatGPT to assist your community in technology Q&A and stay ahead in the AI wave.

About Hypercrx

GitHub is often the first stop for many who explore the world of open source. To help people gain better insights into the open source projects and developers on GitHub, X-lab has developed the browser plugin Hypercrx (pronounced “Hai-puh CRX”). Based on the OpenDigger metrics scheme, Hypercrx embeds multiple visualization components on GitHub pages, including project collaboration networks and developer collaboration networks. These visualizations are highly informative, making it easy to understand the connections between “project-project”, “project-developer”, and “developer-developer”.

Hypercrx on GitHub:

Hypercrx on Chrome:

Hypercrx on Edge: